Apr 20, 2012

Our first attempt at the mosquito net =/ i will keep you posted.

this is our first attempt at doing this. haven't even slept under one while camping before. the room design is now not so adorable!! =)  but we have been getting bit at nite by random  bugs so this may work. val and donita if it works this is your room for the week. LOL!! all joking aside. if it works we will get one for the other bedroom we will be sleeping in...it was pretty hot today, Ronnie got to go diving and spearfishing for lion fish. he didn't get anything this trip. he hit 3 but it didn't pierce them. it was his first time trying this also =) lion fish are killing the reef so they are open game to spear (but are poisonous so have to be killed just so...) anyway i went to mazapan today and had a nice day. Ronnie worked on the fence again at the court. jewelry making tomm =)

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