Apr 24, 2012

it has been a really good week (well 2 days so far).  on monday; brandi and myself went to french cay to a local public school and a big version of c4c. some really needy kids there so i brought some "backpack ministry supplies" and it was great to be able to deliver them for the Lord to help.  ronnie and mike have been fervently working on the wall and cement for fencing. the court is closed right now while all the work is going on. i did my first official craft/bible study class today.  i am helping the girls that go to c4c on mon/wed/fri.   they don't have school on tues mornings so that is where i fit in.  they did a great job. if you are one of the people who purchased the wallet/makeup bags well we worked on them today.  great experience for the girls since they don't get to keep the things they make, which they usually get to do when gringo's come and do crafts with them.  they did get to make crafts when our team came in feb and keep them =) it was a little sketchy at first a girl came early and doesn't know english and didn't want to stay with me since i don't speak spanish hahaha. some of the girls that know me came and so she stayed =).  i haven't earned their total trust yet and they get nervous when they can't totally communicate with me. i did know some spanish words about making the craft but didn't know how to put them in a sentence so once i wrote them on the board they starting laughing then helped. brandi and kerry have been a great help to me in adjusting to my "new" world.  mike has been an endless supply of encouragement to ronnie to his "new" world. brandi told me to play my christian rock music loud so i do daily!! (that wasn't a really hard push for me).  on the countdown for val and donita visiting, can't wait. pls continue to pray for our discernment when it comes to others and helping. we believe we are in God's will and need to stay in that spot. not a step ahead or behind.  i am getting more bold on telling people on the streets no, but still hard. today i only paid for 1/2 of  the dry milk that someone ask me for.  while doing that the other girl that snagged me the first week we were here saw me, eeks it is a hard line but i know they "befriend" gringo's for the benefit of monies. we are still working on that.

small update on the girl that passed away on the scooter.  she was italian and the taxi driver was most likely drinking and came on her side of the road and hit her and she had a friend on the back that is still in the hosp on the mainland.  i have no idea who she is but the Lord and her family know her.

thanks for the prayers and words of encouragment.

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Kate said...

Praying for all of your needs and discernment. Love you both bunches