Apr 14, 2015


well today was full of interesting challenges ranging from calling on my honduran phone to the states to talk to a new volunteer to answering and discussing some really hard subjects with the pre-teens and teens in the last class, but i think the final straw was we were making sentences with the words; what, who, why, when and how...seems simple right?! well one teenager the only sentence he could think of with the word "what" was "what the he** was that?" REALLY!!! - jamie <3

Apr 8, 2015

I put Jamie to bed early last night.  As many of you know, about two weeks ago she had a wisdom tooth removed.  Well, Jamie is one of the 2% of people that have infections.  We go back to the dentist tomorrow.  Please pray this trip to the dentist results in a complete painless healing.

On a lighter note, we got a delivery today at Casa de Luz!  The tile that First Baptist Church of Show Low, Arizona purchased for the school.  They are sending a team on April 18th to install it.  80 boxes of tile, 24 bags of mortar and 10 bags of grout.

What do you think of the color we picked?