Sep 20, 2014

Any teams out there that feel the call to finish a building?

Roatan from our visit to the States on July 28.  We have been at a run since then.
We had our normal service of running activities at Care4Communities, plus we needed to prepare the newly purchased C4C property for the new school that was scheduled to be built at the end of August.
Fortunately we were able to fit in the distribution of 20 back packs via a local colonia pastor.  I had hoped to do another 20 before now but other service has prevented that.
God has blessed us with a nice, safe home.  With that comes the responsibility of keeping it in good shape, so some of my time has been spent on some maintenance.
Then there are the chickens.  At last count we had sixteen and one of our hens is sitting on TEN eggs.  Ugh, gotta reduce the chicken population at our house.  Some roosters have snuck in.  Trust me, their time here is short.
On August 23rd the pre-team arrived to purchase materials and help complete the preparations for the build team.  Literally the day before the building team arrived on August 30th we finished grading the property.
During the week of the 23rd we received information that my father was very sick and in the hospital.  During that week we learned that my father had esophagus cancer.  He went home to be with the Lord on September 1st.  He had just turned 80 on May 2nd of this year.
The building team arrived on August 30th and went right to work.  We were all very busy.  The team building was a bunch of men with International Mission Builders (IMB).  They mixed and poured the foundation of the building in less than a day.  The block work went really, really fast.  I spent my time running for more materials and tools.  We closed the sports court to give them room to manufacture the metal trusses for the school roof.
Rather bummed I missed the finish of the build but I really needed to be in the States at mid-week.
Jamie flew to Jacksonville, FL on September 2nd to attend ESL Training.  This was made possible by Chet Creek Church.  Thank you CC.
I flew to Louisville, Ky on September 3th to attend my dad’s service.
Jamie arrived back on Roatan on September 9th and I got home on September 10th

The IMB team left a beautiful building for us.  We just need to put in the floor, windows, doors and the electric and we’ll be ready to open.  Any teams out there that feel the call to finish a building? 

Sep 18, 2014

Proverbs 16:3New International Version (NIV)

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
    and he will establish your plans.