Feb 26, 2015

'You know you are loved when your husband and neighbor build you this for valentines day with @[1059723652:2048:Debbie Lybrand]'this is a "late" post - but this is what Charles and Ronnie built me for the classroom. one day I will have a bathroom but this is pretty good for now...=)


We moved to Honduras three years ago!!!!

Feb 24, 2015

Sometimes paradise is in the eye of the beholder.  I'm sure someone somewhere loves this stuff.  It has been floating up on the shore for more than two months now.  Hopefully we are near the end of it.  Fortunately the storm we had last week took some of it back out to sea.

Currently as I am writing it is raining.  As winters in Roatan go this has been a particularly nice one.  We had some storms, some major wind, all sorts of lovely things washing down in front of our house from the colonia and lots of mud.  But on the other hand (this is what has made the winter nice) we have had cool, low humid weather.  I  mean like in the 70's cool.  We've gone weeks without having to use a fan and we've even used a blanket on our bed.  We are all enjoying it as much as we can for we know what's coming.

Concerning TJO2, Jamie and I have devoted most of our time to the school and court.  We are both loving what we are doing.  Turns out that Jamie really enjoys teaching.  Go figure.  My roll on the court has developed into more of a mentoring/maintenance/resource provider.  Sometimes it's hard for me to hand the tools to the teens and let them actually do the work but it's really the best way to mentor them.  Ninety-Nine percent of them have never had the experience of using a power tool.

Jamie is being blessed with volunteers; really good ones.  This allows Jamie, Juan and the volunteers to do a better job of teaching the kids in each of their groups for there is a much better teacher to student ratio.

Hector has really stepped up his mentoring.  We are developing a traveling soccer team of almost thirty team members.  To be on the team you must follow the rules of the court all the time; which means even when you are off the court.  Hector has made it clear that, as part of the team, they represent Christ.

We have lots of Community Service things planned for the youth, so if I can get back to posting on our blog I can give everyone more up-to-date info on what God is doing here.

Stayed tuned!