Apr 15, 2014

Well Praise God!!! the craft girls actually knew the easter/resurecction story!!! woo-hoo <3 we also had a holy week lunch and cake =)

Apr 14, 2014

Feliz Semena Santa - Happy Holy Week

well it was a good, interesting, frustrating, fun day =) that is a lot of adjectives.   I, (Jamie) had school today and it is semena santa which is holy week here, which is a HUGE thing here in honduras pretty much (at least on the island) a party and beach time. Tons of people from the mainland and other central american country's come for a nice week at the beach...well since Easter/Resurecction Day is my favorite holiday and what my salvation is based on i once again (did it last year also) went through "holy week" with the kids at school. we read in the bible the whole true/real story and had pictures to color that followed the story etc. they can't ever say they didn't hear BUT it didn't go as well as expected...they had no idea what i was talking about. i asked if they ever learned any of this in church and only one girl had...odd to me but i kept on with the story and coloring our sheets...we talked about what we do in the states for easter (no bunny and egg stuff) and what we do as families on that day and how basically there is no other way to heaven except through Jesus Christ and there was no other way than Him dying on the cross for us and being resurrected on that day!! despite the hilarity of it all with confused or baffled students and me just trying to repeat and repeat with different words and reading it in spanish etc we got through it and hopefully one kid learned something about Jesus that they didnt know before. a little mustard seed right ??!!  i also redid the whole thing again for the afternoon class, (determined) this time at least one kid did say they had heard it before and i ask from whom and when and she said " WHEN YOU TOLD US THIS SAME STORY LAST YEAR" hahahahahahaha  - well i did pray for the Lord to work through me today =).

also we walk by the same guy 4 times a day who does wood craving, today his 5 year old  grandson tells me in spanish that he is doing something and then gives me "praying" hands and then "wait" hand signal; so ronnie and i sat on a piece of wood and waited. WELL, he came out with the cutest little carving on a piece of wood. the very first piece he has ever done and wanted to sell it to me for 10 lps (50cents). =) well we paid 20 lps and he went running so excited to sell his first piece of art. how cute is that. pic below.

also did you know you can buy bandaids individually here, who knew such a concept existed...i went looking for bandaids and there was a  box on the counter but when i looked to see what was inside well there was only 8 small bandaids in there...well we figured you can buy all sorts of things individually here so of course bandaids would be included in that thought process. you can't use them all in one day so why buy a box =). turned out good for me since i didnt need the whole box anyways. =)

since the truck is broken we had to take a bus to the bank today then decided to eat at the gas station, they actually have good food and people go there just for lunch. well on the way home, we literally were scared for our lives. the bus was almost on two wheels, we never braked around any corner...i was never so happy to reach my/our destination safely. pretty sure we won't be riding with that bus driver again. eeks. ronnie actually had to hold on to me because i couldnt keep myself on the seat!!