Jan 13, 2016

Here is a picture of the B League Champions for 2015.  We played the final game of the championship on January 3rd.  We went into the game down to goals from the 1st of two games.  To win the championship we had to win by 3 goals.  We won 3-0!

Dec 27, 2015

It's been a good week but it has also been a tough week.  As I write today I am also taking care of Jamie.  She caught some sort of cold or flu almost a week ago and has not been able to shake it yet.  I should have kept her home more in the beginning.  After a few days she seemed to be getting better but too much (I think) going out and she relapsed.

We had a fun time at the candlelight service on the 24th.  We love Christmas Eve.  A time to be with others that love the Lord and hear the story of the Savior's birth.  Afterwards we fellowshiped and ate a few deserts.  That night we skyped with my siblings.  They were all together at my older brother's house.  My mom was there too.  We also skyped with Karly (our son's girlfriend).  Brad was there but he had a long day and had actually fallen asleep right before we skyped.  It was great to talk to Karly.

Christmas day we were able to first skype with Brad and then later in the evening we got to skype with our daughter Mandy, her husband Tim and our granddaughter.  Always enjoy seeing our children's faces.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day getting ready for the first of two games that our soccer team (Team Colorado) has to play to determine who gets first place in the league finals.  After a really close, tough fought first half the other team (Team Piratas) scored an uncontested easy goal at the whistle of the start of the second half.  The guy, instead of kicking the ball to one of his team mates, he just softly kicked it so that it just rolled all the way from mid-field into our goal.  Our goalie, who obviously did not hear the whistle just watched it roll in.

About half way through the second half the ball literally bounced over our goalie's head and, again, rolled into the goal.

We lost the first game 0 - 2.  Given the way they scored I took it that it was God's will that we not win that day.  That's okay, we can all praise Him.  No one got hurt and the other team, immediately after the final whistle, came over and shook our teams hands.  That was really nice.

Tomorrow's is Jamie's birthday.  I am praying she feels better.