Jun 29, 2015

well we have pretty much decided where our next "home" is...thank you for providing a place LORD. i have to admit i am a bit scared to move because the "new" house isn't like this house...views/safety etc. and it is 2.5x's the price. So this month we will be trying to organize (especially all the girls crafting stuff). We have ministry stuff (bibles, tj bags, tools etc) that we need to find a place for. I am also trying to figure out what will hold the tv and that kind of stuff. We are looking for dressers since the new house doesn't have dressers. DANG dressers are expensive, they are beautiful hand crafted hardwood but eesh! Ronnie and I haven't bought furniture in a long long time. Anytime i actually wanted something Ronnie just made it =).
Sharon has been a blessing at school for me. For example today Ronnie needs to go to the eye dr and we have to change the oil in the truck so since she is there we can actually do these things  YEAH!! we can't squeeze them into a lunch hour. well that is it for today.

Jun 26, 2015

It's been so long since I've written on the blog that I thought I'd let a bunch of pictures tell the story of the last few weeks.  We've had three teams since we arrived home on Roatan on June 4th.  The pictures are necessarily in the correct order.  These are just a few shots and just a few of the things that got done.  All made possible by God and accomplished by Him through His servants.  Jamie has posted more pictures on our face book too.

Walls were built.

 Lots of gravel was placed behind the walls for drainage.

New Lines were painted on the court

The outside of the school got painted.

New nets were installed on the court.