Jul 27, 2015

I just snagged this picture from Theresa.  It's the Chet's Creek Team that came to work at Care4Communities back in June this year.  They were a great team.  So enjoyed hosting them.

Jul 21, 2015

we signed our new house lease tonight...feels weird but we are moving to another phase of our life. we haven't had a good nights sleep in a solid week. we live in a loud neighborhood and our neighbors dog who (we actually really like) has been howling and crying all night. at 1am last night i finally text his owner and they are out of town. so i think he/dog was lonely and hungry and thirsty. so we/ronnie climbed over the fence with water and food this morning (with the owners permission). the dog was super happy, the other neighbors dog came running, the neighbors cat even came to watch the adventure. not bad on ronnie's part (being 61 and all hahhahha). he is a pretty good ladder fence climber. we had more visitors at school today, it was nice to see the excitement in people's faces when they see the school and hear your story then tell you the story they are hoping to make...lots of how questions of how did you do this, that etc. sharon is winding down her adventure with us, she goes back to indiana august 1st. some friends we have known for like 20 yrs now are thinking of coming aug 1st and another "team" is coming aug 15-sept15...busy summer months. ok well off to bed, thanks for following our story and how God is leading our life here on the island.