Dec 11, 2014

Painting Painting and more Painting BUT we are almost finished and these three girls get a special lunch out tomm (friday) with me for all the help they have given to our new school - Escuela de bendiciĆ³n

Dec 6, 2014

It's been really busy here.  So much going on.  It is actually hard to keep up to pace with everything.  Jamie and I were talking the other day about how we go through our day and hardly spend much time with each other.  She is busy with her kids and I am busy constructing.  We keep trying to take Thursdays off as our date day but there is so much going on that too often we miss our dates.  I really have to get more firm on protecting our date days.

Javier, Carlos and Jonathon spent several hours continuing the installation of the electric wiring in the new school.  I finished installing the bolt latches on the shutters today.  God willing, by next Saturday afternoon we may be able to install some lights.

I took a few pictures of the completed concrete floor inside the school.  Also some pictures of the window shutters.  Now we can start moving stuff in and not worry as much when the school is closed because the shutters will help keep the stuff safer.

 The entryway looking north into the building

 West and north walls

East and south walls.

Looking at this last picture, the door on the far left is the storage room.  The center is the entryway and the far right is the bathroom.  If you are wondering why the bags of cement are up on blocks.  The concrete is still curing so we keep the cement off the floor so that the bags won't absorb the the moisture and the cement harden.  We'll be using this cement to put the finish coat of stucco on the inside of the building.  The west wall is complete and half the bathroom.  Now the the floor is done we'll be concentrating on stuccoing and completing the removal of the dirt that has fallen against the building.  The wet dirt is why the walls are still wet. in the northeast side of the building.

Oh, Louis replaced the damaged roof panel the other day.