Oct 29, 2014

We poured the first of the 10' x 11' pads in the great room.  It will take nine of these to complete the great room.

I've got a lot of digging to do on the east side of the building.  Eventually we'll need to put a block wall here.  In fact we'll need walls on three sides to hold back the hill. :(

I need to get this all dug out so that we have room to seal the block before we stucco.  At least I think we seal it before.  Maybe it's after?  Guess I need to research that.

Oct 22, 2014

Wow, today has been just jammed packed with blessings.  First, two of our friends from Magnolia Baptist of Anaheim, California arrived to visit us for a few days. Yea!
This is Heather (left) and Suz.  They are here in advance of their team to check out Roatan, our ministry and check out some possible places for the team to stay.  Oh, and to visit us too.  They brought some items we needed and some truly unexpected gifts.  A couple of which include my favorite Belgium chocolate and a new IPad Air!  Thank you Magnolia Baptist.

The work on the new school building is continuing.  I've been hiring Louis a day at a time to help me do the concrete work.  Last Monday I discovered he can stucco.  So we put the concrete pads on hold for a few days while I have him stucco the inside of the building.  Here is Louis in the middle of stuccoing the bathroom.

 The is the section I had him do as a trial to see if he actually knew how to do it. This is the scratch coat.

 This is Louis with his family.

 Only blessing is the little kids are back!  They have been not been coming to the court much in the last several months but started coming back more often recently.  Hector started up "Little Kid Wednesday" and a bunch of them showed up.  This picture doesn't show it but there are a bunch of teens sitting in the stands watching.

The previous few days have been rather difficult for us.  The devil has really been doing his best to discourage us and even trying to get between Jamie and I.  The first day the attacks came I was driving in the truck and the song by Cast and Crowns "I will Praise you in the Storm" came to mind. And I just started going through all the things I praise God for.  The storm still continued but my joy was still intact.  I love you God.

Oct 21, 2014

Today was a better day.  Jamie and I got things up and running at Mazapan and the new school building and then we headed to the police department.  We gave them the receipt from the bank proving that we paid the $20 fine; and they gave me my driver's license back! Yea!

From the police station we went to a place called Asesoria de Transporte.  It's where you renew your permit to drive the vehicle without a license plate.  Cost us $25.  It last two months and you renew it again, for another two months, for another $25.  And so on until we get the plates.  Did I mention that Honduras is not making license plates and apparently has not for some time.  So $150 a year is not too bad.  We just need to remember to keep going back to renew every two months.

Some more good news.  Louis, the day labor I've been hiring a day at a time actually knows how to stucco. I gave him a trial project today to see if he really knew how to do it.  I've found that workers here will tell you they "can do that" when in reality they are not even sure what that is.

Anyway, I checked on Louis after about and hour and he had done quite a bit and it was done pretty good.
This is just the scratch coat but I am fairly confident he can do the other two coats just as good.

A reconnaissance team from  Magnolia Baptist, Anaheim, CA. is arriving tomorrow to check out our ministry.  Looking forward to having them here for a few days.  Praying for travel mercies for them.