Jul 29, 2014

wow, this day has definitely gotten the best of us. ugh!! the first week back is usually bad =). people wanting things, money, time...asap!! Ronnie's hand is still oosing puss. we aren't getting the soaking in 4 times a day. but tomorrow should be better.  i guess there are days where you just want to stick your head in the stand and this is one of these days. on a happier note, we have gotten some much needed rain and we got our backpack back that was accidentally left at the airport.  yee-who. ok, well that is it for the day, we are going to try to get to bed early again tonite.

Jul 23, 2014

on the road again today, leaving palm springs for phoenix. hot to hot!! our time in the states is rapidly approaching. we are happy and sad. glad to not live in a suitcase anymore but sad leaving our friends and family. we have had a blessed time in the states though. i have also been blessed with some much needed esl training. i am being sponsored to go to a seminar in jacksonville, florida in september. i am really excited...i would love to be "licensed/certified" in what i am doing. the more i can learn the better. well that is about it.  thanks for reading and have a blessed day!! <3

Friends =)!!

 Jeremy and Ronnie - our friend from Anaheim. He let us stay at his home, blessings
 Gayle and I. I met Gayle in 6th grade and we are still friends...=)

Jul 19, 2014

It was "celebrating birthdays day" today. My dad 85 and ronnie 60!!!! yeah!! had a great time with my family...pics below. fyi, we will be in palm springs the next few days with no internet.